Episode 11 — P. Djèlí Clark

P. Djèlí Clark spoke to me about his spectacular new novella RING SHOUT, writing about horrors both real and imagined, and the books he’s enjoying right now.

You can listen to my interview with P. Djèlí ClarkP. Djèlí Clark
When we spoke last year, [[RING SHOUT]] was getting some buzz before it was out. How does it feel to know that [[RING SHOUT]] not only found its audience, but also got a Nebula?

The amazing [[KiKi Layne]] is set to star in the television adaptation of [[RING SHOUT]], and its being produced by Skydance. How did you hear the news about the deal and what was your reaction?

Last time we spoke you mentioned that LOVECRAFT COUNTRY was coming out, which was the first I’d heard about it, and that s...