Episode 15 — S. A. Cosby

Dennis Lehane calls BLACKTOP WASTELAND a 'pitch-perfect jolt of American noir', Walter Mosley says it's 'an intoxicating thrill of a ride' which reinvents the American crime novel, and Stephen King says it is 'a little bit special'.

That's how good S. A. Cosby's latest novel is.

I talked to S. A. Cosby about growing up in a small town, writing books that revolutionise the genre, and his next novel, the spade-in-the-skull revenge thriller, RAZORBLADE TEARS.

You can get a copy of BLACKTOP WASTELAND from all good bookshops.

And at the end of the interview S. A. Cosby recommended THE BRIGHT LANDS by John Fram, Kellye Garrett's HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE and HOLLYWOOD ENDING, COTTONMOUTHS by Kelly J. Ford, and WHAT WE RECKON by Eryk Pruitt.

Thank you for coming on, Shawn. It was a lot of fun and I hope we can speak again in when RAZORBLADE TEARS hits the shelves.

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