Episode 16 — Simon Morden

Simon Morden's latest novel is GALLOWGLASS, a heady mix of big rocks, dangerous trajectories, and human struggles. It's great and I recommend you get hold of a copy. Simon has also written BRIGHT MORNING STAR, a story about about an alien probe that visits Earth, and I recommend that one too.

In this interview, Simon talked to me about science, politics, and one of his dirty loves.

You can get copies of GALLOWGLASS, ONE WAY, and NO WAY from all good bookshops.

And you can buy signed copies of BRIGHT MORNING STAR from NewCon Press.

During the interview Simon recommended the Children of Time series by Adrian Tchaikovsky, the Salvation Sequence of novels by Peter F. Hamilton, and Louise Carey's forthcoming novel INSCAPE.

It was great to speak with you, Simon, and I hope we can speak again in the future.

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Thanks for listening.

See you next time.