Episode 25 — Val Nolan

Val Nolan is the the author of 'Diving Into the Wreck', 'Reach Out and Touch Someone', 'Cyberstar', 'Cofiwch Aberystwyth', 'Make America Great Again', and many other short stories and novelettes. Val is also an academic who teaches creative writing and other things. He also occasionally blogs at ILLUSORY PROMISE.

Many of Val's stories first appeared in INTERZONE, he has a story in BEST OF BRITISH SCIENCE FICTION 2019, and you can read 'Reach Out and Touch Someone' in FUTURES, a series published by NATURE.

Thanks for coming on and talking about so many different things, Val. I'm looking forward to our next conversation.

Val mentioned these books and comics during the interview:

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Thanks for listening.

See you next time.