Episode 6 — S.B. Divya

In this interview S. B. Divya talked about her novella RUNTIME, her short story 'Loss of Signal', cybernetic augmentation, artificial intelligence, and writing.

I asked S.B. Divya to recommend some authors with books coming out and she got back to me with five:

  1. Darcie Little Badger and ELATSOE
  2. Marie Vibbert and GALACTIC HELLCATS
  3. Karen Osborne and ARCHITECTS OF MEMORY
  4. Premee Mohamed and BENEATH THE RISING
  5. J. M. Evenson and DALYA & THE MAGIC INK BOTTLE

Those all look fantastic and I’m looking forward to reading them. Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me, Divya.

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The interstitial music in this episode is excerpted from J. J. Abrams's theme music for ALIAS.

Thanks for listening.

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